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The History of Hypnotherapy

The history of hypnotherapy dates back as far as recorded history. It has been practiced all over the world. Healers, sharmen, witchdoctors, wise women, tribal doctors, Hindu fakirs, Indian yogi and Persian magi have all practiced forms of hypnotherapy, although it was known under many different names. It has been recognised through time that there is a strong mind-body connection, and that health and healing, removal of negative feelings and phobias, general well being and performance enhancement can be attributed to hypnotherapy throughout the ages.

The Egyptians were utilizing the healing method of `incubation`, or `temple sleep` as early as 3,000 B.C. The priests considered the `sleep` to have special healing powers and that the person in the sleep was in an enlightened state.  The Temples of Imhotep were popular for `sleep therapy` and `shrine sleep` which is still found in some areas of Africa and the Middle East.

Similarly, the Hebrews utilized breathing exercises, chanting and meditation to produce an `ecstasy like state` which they called Kavanah. Their practices were similar to what we now know as `self hypnosis`.

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