I am excited to announce my recently developed program for men and women who would like to increase their opportunity of having a baby. This program is unique in that you have control regarding the selection of modules you wish to access that are relevent to your personal challenges.

Incorporating CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY and COUNSELLING you can develop techniques that may assist you to have your baby. The program increases your mind and body connection that is so important when trying to conceive, carry and deliver your baby.  I offer you non-invasive, time and financially effective techniques that could be just what you have been looking for.

The modules include:

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Are you experiencing storms of a personal nature, or weather storms  from mother
nature?  If so you may be feeling lethargic, frustrated or sad.

To help improve your emotional well being and break the cycle of those negative feelings you may have to push yourself to begin the change. Once you have genuinely decided to begin and you take action, you will feel the benefits quickly.

We often think of exercise being outdoors or at the gym, but you can gain valuable
benefits from being active indoors at your own home. Moving and having fun are
wonderful tonics for the mind, body and spirit.

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Very few New Years resolutions are actively carried through to achieve the desired goal. Can you relate to that statement? I certainly can, I used to make at least one New Years resolution every year and looking back I can`t claim I achieved any of them. Why does this happen?
It is often because we have not planned what is necessary to implement the change required. We believe because we have thought of the resolution, it will happen without very much effort considering the practicalities that may be involved.
If you are wanting to achieve your goal, it is often more beneficial to implement the resolution at another time of year, when you are in your normal routine and not in holiday mode.
Then decide what you will need to do to begin the transition, make a plan of who could help you along the way, how long each step may take, how will you manage any setbacks, how long it will take to achieve, how will you maintain that goal? These concepts can assist you prepare for the highs and the challenges along the way to gain what is important to you.


Addictions come in  many forms, some more common than others. It may be all consuming for the person who is addicted, interferring with every aspect of their life. Spilling over to their family and friends, negatively affecting those closest to them.  Employment may be threatened and financial difficulties could become overwhelming.

For the family and friends of the person who has the addiction, life can be very difficult, some what like living on a roller coaster.  They typically experience  little or no positive change in behaviour if they attempt to coax or alter the addictive practices of the other person.

Incorporating both Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counselling I have helped clients to manage their addictions. To remove the ongoing need to continue the unwanted behaviour,  without replacing it with a different addiction. These sessions are conducted for the addicted client.

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You will always be treated in a respectful, empathetic and confidential manner.

Hypnotherapy and Counselling are availabe as seperate modalities or utilized together as requested by you.

There is no issue or concern you can not discuss with me.  I will endeavour to guide you to a solution that suits your personal needs.

You will not be kept waiting for your scheduled appointment.

Humour may be incorporated where appropriate.

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I am fortunate to be working in an industry that I enjoy so much.  Each client I see  offers me an opportunity to learn from them.  I feel very privileged to share a part of the client`s life. When I meet a new client and rapport builds between us, I begin to relate to their life style, acheivements and challenges. When clients speak openly, telling me of their lives I feel trusted with these personal details.  Often when a client begins to tell their story, they find the gates of experiences, thoughts and feelings spring open.  Speaking about issues they may not wish to talk to others about for many different reasons.  This may be very theraputic in itself as the client speaks and actually hears what they are reliving, thinking and feeling.  A clearer image as to why this problem has such an impact on them, and why they react as they do to a particular stressor may become evident to him/her.  I find these break throughs to be a highlight during counselling, the client does the cognitive work and I travel their path with them encouraging their exploration and their understanding.  I then assist the client to develop a more suitable response to the issue.

I assist this exploration by asking open ended questions and challenging their belief system in a respectful manner, and often validating their concerns.  I may offer suggestions as to different ways of addressing the situation, options available to achieve change, to achieve their desired goal.  This concept is very benefical to the client and also to me, I find it rewarding to be able to assist a client move from a negative place to a more positive and fulfilling place.  Hypnotherapy and Counselling blend so beautifully.  Hypnotherapy is implemented to enhance the sub-conscious and counselling to utilize the conscious mind.  Thus incorporating the two techniques the client has the benefit of both modalities.

Practicing Clinical Hypnotherapy is very exciting for me as a therapist. To assist a client to tap into their sub-conscious mind where so much information and feelings are stored is rewarding and exhilarating to me.  To see the reaction of the client when they realise the shift of change of behaviours and feelings is enlightening.   To be working in an environment where I can help clients improve their self confidence and live their life the way they really desire, is magical, it never loses its wonderful impact on me.  I feel fantastic to be able to assist clients to reach their full potential.
I love my work.


Obesity is a very serious problem for many individuals and also for the government coffles.  The cost to ourselves is diminishing good health, and lower self esteem which may affect every area of our lives such as work, social interaction and personal relationships.  The national financial outlay is ballooning to educate the public, and to assist those who are obese with medical treatment.  Being overweight affects both genders and once excess weight is gained, it can be extremely difficult to lose.    We can change this wide spread epidemic, and I believe Non-surgical Hypnotherapy Lap Banding offers an extremely safe, cost effective and time wise option.  Non-surgical Hypnotherapy Lap Banding has become a recognized and successful method of weight reduction in the USA and the UK.

I am a professional counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist living and practicing in Castle Hill.  I have designed a hypnotherapy program to assist clients decrease weight in this non-surgical manner.  This is done by utilizing hypnotherapy to guide clients to feel they have undergone surgical lap banding. I am overweight myself and have recently completed self hypnosis using the program I have designed. I have reduced my weight by 5 kilos in 2 weeks and feel inspired to continue. I believe clients may relate well to a therapist who has endured some of the same challenges they may have faced, and to see how the therapist is now succeeding to continue to lose weight in a positive and healthy way.  

Many people have tried copious methods to reduce their excess weight and often found they went back to their old habits, and sometimes put on more weight than they lost.  Hypnotherapy is non-invasive and safe.  The client is comfortable and relaxed, their subconscious mind becomes very aware.  Hypnotherapy is cost effective and does not require the client to take extensive time away from their family, time off work or away from social activities.

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1.  Thou shalt NOT be perfect, nor even try to be.

2.  Thou shalt NOT try to be all things to all people.

3.  Thou shalt leave some things undone that ought to be done.

4.  Thou shalt NOT spread thyself too thin.

5.  Thou shalt learn to say “NO”.

6.  Thou shalt schedule time for thyself, and thy supportive network.

7.  Thou shalt switch off, and do nothing regularly.

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The History Of Hypnotherapy

The History of Hypnotherapy.

looks like colourful plasma

Look into your Subconcious

The history of hypnotherapy dates back as far as recorded history. It has been practiced all over the world.
Healers,sharmen,witchdoctors,wise women,tribal doctors,Hindu fakirs, Indian yogi and Persian magi have all practiced forms of hypnotherapy, although it was known under many different names. It has been recognised through time that there is a strong mind-body connection, and that health and heeling, removal of negative feelings and phobias, general well being and performance enhancement can be attributed to hypnotherapy throughout the ages.

The Egyptians were utilizing the healing method of `incubation`, or `temple sleep` as early as 3,000 B.C. The priests considered the `sleep` to have special healing powers and that the person in the sleep was in an enlightened state.  The Temples of Imhotep were popular for `sleep therapy` and `shrine sleep` which is still found in some areas of Africa and the Middle East.

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Some Examples Of Illnesses And Conditions That Respond Well To Hypnotherapy

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In many countries overseas, hypnotherapy is being included more frequently in a variety of settings from emergency rooms, to dental offices and outpatient clinics. In Australia we are now beginning to see the benefits of utilizing this important component to assist patients in various medical and dental situations.  Clinical studies suggest that hypnosis may improve immune function, increase relaxation, decrease stress, and ease feelings of anxiety.

Hypnotherapy is effective in reducing the fear and anxiety that accompany anticipated pain, including uncomfortable medical or dental procedures. Clinical trials indicate when hypnosis is used prior to a procedure patients stated they felt better prepared, more in control and more relaxed. When it is incorporated during the procedure, the patient tends to be medically more stable. After the procedure, recuperation tends to be faster with less pain experienced, therefore less pain medication being required. Research with burn patients suggest that hypnosis decreases pain sufficiently to dramatically reduce pain medication and speeds the healing process with fewer complications. Many dentists in Australia also use hypnotherapy as a method to control gaging, bleeding, fear and pain for their patients.

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