Question. Which is better, hypnotherapy or counselling?

Answer. Both are wonderful techniques for improving quality of life.

Some people are more comfortable with one technique than the other.

This is why I utilize both, I believe I offer the best possible methods for clients to attain their goals.

I always discuss the options for clients in the early part of the initial consultation.

Question. When I am hypnotized, will you make me do silly things?

Answer. No, you are always in control of your actions and your values.  During hypnotherapy, the client is in a deeper sense of awareness.  You will not do, say or believe any thing that is not congruent with your values and moral code.

Question. How many sessions will I need?

Answer. I am unable to specify how many appointments are necessary at this stage.

The individual person, the issue/s concerned and your readiness to change any challenging beliefs or behaviours, all play a part in the number of sessions you may need.

Question. Is every thing I say kept confidential?

Answer. Every thing discussed during your sessions is kept confidential unless I believe you are going to harm yourself or  someone else.

In which case, it is mandatory that I report my concerns to the authorities.

Question. When I wake up, will I remember what was said?

Answer. You will remember most of what is communicated when you awaken, however some times the conscious brain may take a little time  to process what the subconscious has learnt.

Question. Is there any physical touching while I am hypnotized?

Answer. I will ask for permission to touch your shoulder or perhaps your hand before we begin the hypnotherapy.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of me touching you for about 15 seconds, that is quite alright and I will not do so.

If you do give permission, I will tell you just prior to touching your shoulder or hand that I am about to do so.

The reasons for possibly touching you is to deepen your level of relaxation and to assure you that  you are in a safe place.

Question. Is hypnotherapy safe?

Answer. Yes, hypnotherapy is safe.

You are in control all the time, just in a very relaxed state.

You can awaken any time you wish.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and conduct my practice in a professional manner.