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Throughout the course of this year I have been a regular client of Pam Hoy for counselling and hypnotherapy sessions.

During this difficult period in my life I found Pams counselling invaluable as a tool for coping with my bereavement.

Additionally, Pams hypnotherapy sessions empowered me to deal with my panic attacks that were a direct result of my mothers passing.

Pams compassion and empathy during my sessions with her certainly made the grieving process more tolerable for me.


My husband and I had been trying to conceive a baby for nearly 3 years after being diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’. We went through 2 unsuccessful cycles of IUI (artificial insemination) and 1 unsuccessful cycle of IVF.

When we were considering starting our 2nd cycle of IVfF I decided to see Pam to help me relax and prepare for the next round. During the hypnotherapy sessions Pam suggested I address any issues that may be the core reason for the ‘unexplained infertility’.

I saw Pam once a week during this cycle and I felt calmer and slept better every night. Pam made me feel so at ease and really comfortable throughout all our sessions.

Seeing Pam was the only difference from previous cycles and I’m so excited to report that I fell pregnant. Our baby was due in March 2011.

I had more sessions with Pam to help me relax during the pregnancy and also to prepare for the labour.

I would recommend Pam to anyone.

Thank you Pam, I can not express in words our gratitude to you for your help in giving us our baby.


After only one hypnotherapy session with Pam I quit smoking. I had smoked for a long time but wanted to give it up, I had tried on my own a few times but it was too hard and after a few days I always started again.

I rarely think about smoking now, but when I do the thought quickly passes. I don’t feel the need to smoke any more, if I walk past someone smoking I really don’t like the smell of it.


I felt more relaxed after my first consultation with Pam than I had in months. I was struggling with my problem and was not sleeping well, I was becoming anxious and irritable.

I had altercations with my co-workers and my boy friend. I heard of Pam through a friend who had seen her.

She listened to me and really heard what I was saying. After the session I had an understanding of why I had those feelings, and I was aware I no longer felt that hostile negativity.

I am calm and I have been sleeping well. I am extremely happy with the help she gave me.