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Some Examples Of Illnesses And Conditions That Respond Well To Hypnotherapy

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In many countries overseas, hypnotherapy is being included more frequently in a variety of settings from emergency rooms, to dental offices and outpatient clinics. In Australia we are now beginning to see the benefits of utilizing this important component to assist patients in various medical and dental situations.  Clinical studies suggest that hypnosis may improve immune function, increase relaxation, decrease stress, and ease feelings of anxiety.

Hypnotherapy is effective in reducing the fear and anxiety that accompany anticipated pain, including uncomfortable medical or dental procedures. Clinical trials indicate when hypnosis is used prior to a procedure patients stated they felt better prepared, more in control and more relaxed. When it is incorporated during the procedure, the patient tends to be medically more stable. After the procedure, recuperation tends to be faster with less pain experienced, therefore less pain medication being required. Research with burn patients suggest that hypnosis decreases pain sufficiently to dramatically reduce pain medication and speeds the healing process with fewer complications. Many dentists in Australia also use hypnotherapy as a method to control gaging, bleeding, fear and pain for their patients.

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