Non -Surgical gastric banding is safe, time saving, non invasive and cost effective.

Obesity is a very serious problem for many individuals.  The cost to ourselves is diminishing good health, and lower self esteem which may affect every area of our lives such as work, social interaction and personal relationships.  The national financial outlay is ballooning to educate the public, and to assist those who are obese with medical treatment.  Being overweight affects both genders and once excess weight is gained, it can be extremely difficult to lose.    We can change this wide spread epidemic, and I believe Non-surgical Hypnotherapy Lap Banding offers an extremely safe, cost effective and time wise option.  Non-surgical Hypnotherapy Lap Banding has become a recognized and successful method of weight reduction in the USA and the UK.

I am a professional counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist living and practicing in Castle Hill.  I have designed a hypnotherapy program to assist clients decrease weight in this non-surgical manner.  This is done by utilizing hypnotherapy to guide clients to feel they have undergone surgical lap banding.

Many people have tried copious methods to reduce their excess weight and often found they went back to their old habits, and sometimes put on more weight than they lost.  Hypnotherapy is non-invasive and safe.  The client is comfortable and relaxed, their subconscious mind becomes very aware.  Hypnotherapy is cost effective and does not require the client to take extensive time away from their family, time off work or away from social activities.

At the time of the initial consultation I request a letter from the clients GP stating that the individual is suitable for Non-surgical Hypnotherapy Lap Banding and also they are fit to exercise and at what level. I also require clients to consult a nutritionist to gain an understanding of healthy eating plans.

Clients will be offered 2 individual 2.5 hour sessions in the one week.

Initial session:

During this session we explore the issues that may be contributing to the negative eating habits such as emotional eating, time poor food grabbing, insufficient knowledge of nutrition etc.  It is also important to establish if the client is truly committed to begin their new lifestyle.

The client enjoys a relaxation induction and during the hypnotherapy process, is guided through the steps that are routinely taken prior to surgical lap banding.

Imagery of being in hospital and undergoing the lap banding is incorporated in a safe and painless hypnotic manner.

Second session:

Hypnotherapy is once again utilized and the client is guided into a relaxed state.  In the clients mind recuperation is well underway and the benefits of the lap banding are becoming evident.   Now the client may enjoy healthy eating and exercise.  The client may feel more active and able to move more comfortably, feeling positive about their new life choices.

During hypnosis the lap band may have the saline level increased at this time.  Techniques are introduced as to how to continue the plan and to develop a new sense of self worth well into the future.

Some of the benefits to individuals who undergo successful weight loss utilizing Non-surgical Hypnotherapy Lap Banding may include:

• Safe weight loss
• No hospital admission
• Cost effective
• No lengthy time loss
• Improved self esteem

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