Addictions come in  many forms, some more common than others. It may be all consuming for the person who is addicted, interfering with every aspect of their life. Spilling over to their family and friends, negatively affecting those closest to them.  Employment may be threatened and financial difficulties could become overwhelming.

For the family and friends of the person who has the addiction, life can be very difficult, some what like living on a roller coaster.  They typically experience  little or no positive change in behaviour if they attempt to coax or alter the addictive practices of the other person.

Incorporating both Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counselling I have helped clients to manage their addictions. To remove the ongoing need to continue the unwanted behaviour,  without replacing it with a different addiction. These sessions are conducted for the addicted client.

I suggest the family attend  counselling sessions also, to develop an understanding of what they may expect during this transition period.  How they can assist their loved one with out judging or enabling them.  I give strategies to the family members as to how to look after, and nuture themselves which in many cases has been overlooked.

  • Alcohol
  • Computer Games
  • Drugs
  • Eating Disorders
  • Gambling
  • sex

If you or some one you care for is battling an addiction, please Please contact me by phoning +61 409 772 015 for a complimentary chat or email me to make an appointment.