Hypnosis is in fact a natural state experienced by all humans.

People undergo a “trance state” often. Have you ever been driving in a familiar area and become aware that you don`t really remember driving the distance? Perhaps you have been watching T.V. and realize you no longer understand what has happened within the plot, or reading a book to find you are just staring at a fuzzy page. Maybe you sat and looked in the distance and time seems to have disappeared. These are all simple examples of natural hypnosis.

Clinical hypnotherapy is really an assisted trance state conducted to improve the clients well being.

The client is gently guided into a relaxed state by the hypnotherapist speaking slowly in monotones.

However, conditioned clients are people who have been previously hypnotized and they do not always require the relaxation induction. The therapist enlists the clients imagination and may utilize an array of techniques such as story telling, metaphor or symbolism (that are meaningful to the individual client and the issue) to direct suggestions for changes in feelings and beliefs. During hypnosis, counselling techniques are a valuable tool to uncover problems the client is only aware of at a subconscious level. Unresolved issues from the clients past may be uncovered and then dealt with by the appropriate technique which may include, suggestion therapy, parts therapy or regression therapy.

The client who is motivated to assist in changing their negative beliefs and feelings, and replace them with positive and productive thoughts and emotions is the most likely to benefit from hypnotherapy. It is extremely important that a bond of trust and confidence be built between the client and the therapist. The client is the focus and the therapist is the guide or facilitator, who can assist with strategies to develop the changes necessary for an improved life style. The therapist will usually ask the client to complete tasks in between sessions to cement the new feelings and beliefs. Hypnotherapy is generally considered to produce positive changes with relatively few sessions.

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