Are you experiencing storms of a personal nature, or weather storms  from mother
nature?  If so you may be feeling lethargic, frustrated or sad.

To help improve your emotional well being and break the cycle of those negative feelings you may have to push yourself to begin the change. Once you have genuinely decided to begin and you take action, you will feel the benefits quickly.

We often think of exercise being outdoors or at the gym, but you can gain valuable
benefits from being active indoors at your own home. Moving and having fun are
wonderful tonics for the mind, body and spirit.

Please consult your doctor before starting any physical activity if you are uncertain of your fitness level.

  • Turn on some fun music and dance around the room singing.
  • If you have internal stairs, go up and down several times at a speed you consider safe,  and laugh out loud as you go. This may sound strange ……….. but give it a go.  Laughing is great therapy even if it is not a genuine laugh.
  • Do some physical exercise depending on your level of fitness. Whether it be gentle stretching to aerobics.
  • Do some physical work in your home that you have been putting off.
  • Spoil yourself with time for you, doing what you love doing indoors.
  • Organise help for people in need by donating your time, or clothing, canned foods or possibly money.  Then take those donations to a collection centre in your area.

These activities do not take a large amount of your time, they are free and readily availabe to you.  Feel the difference even 10 minutes can make to your mood.  Utilise these activities or whatever you wish to do, several times a day to increase your positive feelings and thoughts.  Have fun!!!