Very few New Years resolutions are actively carried through to achieve the desired goal. Can you relate to that statement? I certainly can, I used to make at least one New Years resolution every year and looking back I can`t claim I achieved any of them. Why does this happen?
It is often because we have not planned what is necessary to implement the change required. We believe because we have thought of the resolution, it will happen without very much effort considering the practicalities that may be involved.
If you are wanting to achieve your goal, it is often more beneficial to implement the resolution at another time of year, when you are in your normal routine and not in holiday mode.
Then decide what you will need to do to begin the transition, make a plan of who could help you along the way, how long each step may take, how will you manage any setbacks, how long it will take to achieve, how will you maintain that goal? These concepts can assist you prepare for the highs and the challenges along the way to gain what is important to you.