I am fortunate to be working in an industry that I enjoy so much.  Each client I see  offers me an opportunity to learn from them.  I feel very privileged to share a part of the client`s life. When I meet a new client and rapport builds between us, I begin to relate to their life style, acheivements and challenges. When clients speak openly, telling me of their lives I feel trusted with these personal details.  Often when a client begins to tell their story, they find the gates of experiences, thoughts and feelings spring open.  Speaking about issues they may not wish to talk to others about for many different reasons.  This may be very theraputic in itself as the client speaks and actually hears what they are reliving, thinking and feeling.  A clearer image as to why this problem has such an impact on them, and why they react as they do to a particular stressor may become evident to him/her.  I find these break throughs to be a highlight during counselling, the client does the cognitive work and I travel their path with them encouraging their exploration and their understanding.  I then assist the client to develop a more suitable response to the issue.

I assist this exploration by asking open ended questions and challenging their belief system in a respectful manner, and often validating their concerns.  I may offer suggestions as to different ways of addressing the situation, options available to achieve change, to achieve their desired goal.  This concept is very benefical to the client and also to me, I find it rewarding to be able to assist a client move from a negative place to a more positive and fulfilling place.  Hypnotherapy and Counselling blend so beautifully.  Hypnotherapy is implemented to enhance the sub-conscious and counselling to utilize the conscious mind.  Thus incorporating the two techniques the client has the benefit of both modalities.

Practicing Clinical Hypnotherapy is very exciting for me as a therapist. To assist a client to tap into their sub-conscious mind where so much information and feelings are stored is rewarding and exhilarating to me.  To see the reaction of the client when they realise the shift of change of behaviours and feelings is enlightening.   To be working in an environment where I can help clients improve their self confidence and live their life the way they really desire, is magical, it never loses its wonderful impact on me.  I feel fantastic to be able to assist clients to reach their full potential.
I love my work.